There are no mystical powers to any Lottery Charm® found on this site; the power is in the belief you put into them.
Frequently Asked Questions
Which are luckier - White Squirrels or Black Squirrels?
This is hard to answer as many people have never seen a white or a black squirrel. The eastern grey is what populates most of the United States and Canada. There are pockets of towns in North America that have white squirrels - albino and non-albino. Although black squirrels are widespread in Ontario Canada, black squirrels are found to be about 1 in 10,000 throughout North America. I have had wins with both - the single biggest win to date was attributed to the Black Squirrel pin ($775,000+). I am still using the white squirrel pins.

One customer used a Lucky Black Squirrel Pin June 18th to win 2nd prize on Lotto MAX, netting $409,014.60 TAX FREE.
What makes the Squirrel a symbol of luck?
Squirrels have long been associated with gathering and in this saying, "Squirreling away some money".
  Why would you put online a site just to sell Squirrel magnets?  
  The gang at see the need for a separate site just to sell Lottery Charm magnets. We plan on creating possibly hundreds of magnets featuring Lucky the Lottery Squirrel and other members of the gang. We see our mail order business exploding because of these Lucky Lottery Charm magnets.  
What is the biggest winning lottery check you have received?
The biggest single check was $25,000; part of the Dream of a Lifetime Lottery grand prize - May 31, 2004.
Are you nuts?
I have had many media personalities ask this question. My response has been that my "squirrel stuff" which I have been involved with since 1995 has become a nice niche business. All I care is that they get my name and website right. My belief got me into a new house, car, hot tub and more. I wish others the same success.
Are LotteryCharms good for more than lotteries?
I have had wins using slot machines, wins in business and did walk away from a 15 foot fall with only a broken arm. I have had friends talk about job offers and wins from radio station give-aways.
Why didn't you just have a 30 day plan to win big?
The time frame of 2 years was to allow for to become a registered trademark. The trademark was deemed necessary to prevent someone else from capitalizing on this idea when the BIG WIN materialized.
Can you really make a living off being a SKWERLPRENEUR?
The domain was registered to promote,, and other webmasters that consider Skwerl stuff big business on the Internet.
Do you think the comic strip Wallace & Parnell will make it big?
The domain was registered to promote a comic strip about 2 lucky white squirrels that mirror the lives of the creators - webmasters Ric Wallace and Brad Parnell. The characters have a silver Mazda Miata with the personalized licence plate "SKWERLY". There has been a void in the comic strip scene with the passing of a few great cartoonists such as Charles Schultz and others. With events in the world affecting many people with depression, a comic strip about two nutty squirrels may be just the thing to lift the spirits of people today.
What was it like to win the dream home?
It was very stressful and in fact was as stressful as when I lost my grandmother. For a few weeks it was little sleep, weight loss, rising pulse, high blood pressure, and our lives turned upside down. About the same time a 43-year-old east coast resident who won $10 million dollars had a heart attack and wanted to give the money back. I can say from personal experience that I know what a win can do to your body. We have a lot of manuals to read in order to operate some of the merchandise we won like the sports car, hot tub, stereo, TV, etc. We also decided in one day to move into the new house.
Would you buy another dream home Ticket?
Yes, but I would take the cash option the most home lotteries now offer. I am not interested in moving into another big home (I have enough stuff). I will continue to support the hospital draw that helped me because of the excellent treatment I received with the broken arm and smashed hand. I would prefer another vehicle or just cash. If I was to win another home, I think I would end up with 2 broken legs - LOL.
I would not recommend buying a dream home ticket in a city where you don't live - too much hassle unless you are FREE to move -- unless there's a cash option.
Do you feel you can win all lotteries?
No, I see playing lotteries as a form of recreation and only play a few weekly ones. I will only play 5 cent or 25 cent slots once in a while. I am too busy to waste my time at casinos.

A Lucky Black Squirrel (Lottery Charm®) pin was used to hold the winning grand prize ticket for this lottery (previously known as Dream Of A Lifetime Lottery) on a corkboard in the office of® creator Ric Wallace.

The LARGEST win using a Lottery Charm® was the grand prize win of a Dream Home Lottery in London Ontario Canada, valued at over $775,000 CDN on May 31, 2004. This was featured in the local paper, Internet, local & regional radio & TV news. This was reported in the London Free Press June 1, 2004.

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